Learn how to get started with your Liturgy.com subscription, including setting up your parish's resources, creating custom Mass settings and more.

Video transcription

Welcome to Liturgy.com, where we make planning music for liturgy easy.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through setting up your account and introduce you to the features of your Liturgy.com subscription.

From the home page click Sign In at the top of the page, and enter your email address and password. If you can’t remember your password, click the forgot password link to begin the password recovery process.

Once you have logged in click on the My Account link at the top of the page. Select Account Details from the dropdown. On this screen, you can change your Email, Name, Phone Number and Password.

Now, from the My Account dropdown select My Resources. If you have subscriptions to an ICRmusic.org digital library the appropriate box should be auto-checked. Then check the boxes in the section below for any other music resources used at your parish. Selecting your parish's music resources will customize your song suggestions and display page numbers for these resources on your outlines. Be sure to click Save Resources when you are finished.

From the My Account dropdown, click on My Outlines. This will display all your outlines in chronological order based on the date you have added to the celebration. You may also sort by title. To learn more about creating an outline, watch the creating an outline tutorial.

Now, from the My Account dropdown, select My Repertoire. This will show all of the songs you have used in the last three years along with the number of times the song has been used, and the most recent outline the song was used in. This page also allows you to see the songs that you have added to your favorites.

Go to My Mass Settings in the My Account dropdown. This allows you to create and use Customized Mass setting templates in your celebration outlines. You can print, share or delete your custom Mass settings from this screen. To create a Custom Mass setting click the Create New Template button. For help on creating, editing and using a custom Mass setting watch the Custom Mass Settings tutorial video.

In the My Account dropdown, go to My Scratch Pads, which allows you to review and delete the songs that you have added to your Scratch Pads. There is one Scratch Pad for each liturgical season as well as one for special liturgies. The Scratch Pad for the current liturgical season is denoted by an asterisk. Select a Scratch Pad from the dropdown menu to view it.

My Custom Songs page in the My Account dropdown allows you to create and use any songs that are not part of the resources available to Liturgy.com. This would include any self-composed songs. To add a song, click the “Add a Song not Listed” button and enter a title, composer, and a custom page number if desired.

Then click save. It will take up to 24 hours for the song to become available in search but the song can immediately be added to an outline or Scratch Pad.

If you have questions about anything covered in this video or other topics, visit liturgy.com/help or call customer service at 1-800-LITURGY.