Video tutorial: Creating a custom Mass setting

Learn how to create a custom Mass setting that can be easily added to any celebration outline

Video transcription

Welcome to, where we make planning music for liturgy easy.

In this tutorial we will go over how to create and use a custom Mass setting template.

Click on My Mass Settings in the My Account dropdown. This page allows you to create and edit any of your custom Mass settings and templates. To begin, click Create Mass Setting. Fill out the fields on the screen and click Save. Use the add song icon to select the songs you would like to include in your custom Mass setting.

To add a Liturgical moment not already listed in the template, click Add Liturgical Moment at the bottom of the screen. Select a Liturgical Moment type from the dropdown. This allows you to get song suggestions specific to that moment in the Mass. If you want the moment to appear differently in your outline, you can rename it in the title field. Note: this will not affect the songs that are suggested.

Save your new liturgical moment and it will appear at the top of your screen. Click edit to confirm the liturgical moment appears as desired. When you're happy with the information, click save. Now you can move the newly added liturgical moment (or any of the other moments) by simply dragging and dropping the entire field into the location of your choice. Once your Mass setting template is finished, click Save.

To use your custom Mass setting template, open any outline, and click on the cog icon. Select the auto-fill Mass setting option. Here you can select any of the preprogrammed Mass settings or select from any of the custom Mass setting templates you have created.

Your outline will automatically populate with the selections you have made. Note: this will replace a Mass setting if you had previously selected a Mass setting in the Outline. You can then edit those options for any changes to the previously created template, for instance, if you'd like to use a different penitential rite.

If you have questions about anything covered in this video or other topics, visit or call customer service at 1-800-LITURGY.